Brett Lawrie needs a nickname, so let’s give him one

Beast? Cheese? Sleeve? Seriously, this last one is awful, but Jays' third baseman Brett Lawrie needs a nickname.

McGILLIGAN: Brett Lawrie needs a nickname.

There’s no way you play the game the way he does and not get one (he nearly vaulted himself into the stands last night to catch a foul ball). Before we get too far, fellow WriteFielder Matt Strader pointed out that a recent Jays pregame revealed Lawrie’s nickname to be Cheese. Without knowing the context, I’m not crazy about this one. The only Cheese I recognize is Method Man’s character on The Wire.

So let’s throw some out there and see if anything sticks. By the way, we encourage all suggestions so send them to us on twitter or by email.

Terrible nicknames for Lawrie

Powder – Because he’s pure energy like what the guy in the 90s movie Powder turned into. I’m ashamed for writing that one, let’s move on.
Burn – That’s how he runs the base paths and it’s what he does to other teams. Yup, that’s as bad as Powder

Sleeves – You know because of the tattoos. I’m embarrassed for myself.

Decent nicknames

Nightmare – That’s what his presence causes for opposing pitchers and managers.

Beast – Suggested by WriteFielder Andrew Livingstone because that’s how he plays and he often uses the hashtag #beastmode.

Hitman – Obviously we would have to get permission from Canadian icon Brett ‘The Hitman’ Heart to use this, but I think it would go well with Jose Bautista’s moniker Joey Bats. Together they sound like a couple of mob guys.

Big Game – This is my favourite thus far. The reason is three-fold. One, it sounds good, say it out loud ‘now batting Brett ‘Big Game’ Lawrie.’ Second it’s what he does, have big games and third is because that’s what he and the Jays are hunting in the AL East, the Big Game (Yanks and Red Sox).

Ok, that’s my contribution, let’s hear yours. Obviously you can’t do worse than the handles I just threw out. The best nickname wins nothing, this is a website with no financial backing, what did you expect. Send your suggestions to or on Twitter @writefielders.


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