High socks bring out the best in youthful Jays

STRADER: The key was the high socks, not the eight hole.

Lind crushed a homerun, a first at bat single, and the radio is blowing up about how a move to the eight hole was a great move.

No, no it wasn’t.

Lind can go 0-4 in the eight hole tomorrow, and everyone will shut up about it.

Bautista has five homeruns on the season. Besides the first in game one, we’ve heard at four different points of the season that he’s “back on track.”

Consistency will prove that, nothing else.

The same goes for Adam Lind.

So I will wait before I say he’s back on track.

But what I saw yesterday was the first instance of what I’ve been waiting for all season…

Fun team shit.

What’s the average age of our starting rotation? 24 something?

Why aren’t they showing up to games with the same haircuts? Plaid jackets? Matching suitcases that say “I’m the next Nolan, No I am, No I am…”

This is baseball. It’s fun. It’s 162 games a year.

Make it fun, make the game fun. Practice like professionals, prepare like professionals and then play loose. Play like you’re 24, making a million dollars, and get the chance to hit jacks in front of people everyday. Throw gas past guys in front of people.

Man, I pay 20 bucks to go to batting cages and pretend to do that.

Why do you think the Tampa Bay Rays can hit Sean Rodriguez in the clean up spot and kick our butts?

Yes, a lights out pitching staff helps, but their staff hasn’t even been that lights out. They have closer issues too and yet they’re constantly competing in the hardest division in sports. (Nah, I don’t believe the NFC East is that tough. I think it’s over-hyped).

You want to know what I think is great about Joe Maddon. Everybody is smiling, right up until they lose. Everybody is enjoying the game. Leaning on the rail, cheering each other on.

Remember the Chicago Blackhawks jerseys?

Remember the appearance of 20 similar looking pairs of black frames?

The mohawks?

Nobody can say the Tampa Bay Rays don’t prepare, but nobody can say they don’t have fun.

Baseball is a game of confidence. If you’re confident, you take inside pitches. You walk into that batter’s box questioning yourself, and you swing at offspeed pitches that touch dirt two feet in front of the plate.  (Please don’t do that anymore Joey…)

You want to get Adam Lind and Jose Bautista out of their funks, then why aren’t 20+ guys showing up to the park with T-shirts that say “I’m with Joey”

Yesterday, Eric Thames, Colby Rasmus, Brett Lawrie and Brandon Morrow, along with the aforementioned Lind, wore high socks together.

The key was the socks.

Good for them.

Now, it’s on Farrell to realize he has a bunch of kids with a world of talent. They’re not going to stop working if you make things fun.

Look at how hard they’ve worked just to get to where they are.

Practice should be work.

The game’s should be loose, and fun.

It is just a game, after all.


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