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Fantasy Sports: Oh, the People You’ll Meet


Andrew McGiligan | Out of WriteField

Millions of people play fantasy sports every year. Despite these numbers, the same types of people end up being in your league at one time or another. Here’s a list of the types of folks you’ll come across in various leagues.

Explain the Trade Guy

What he does: Will send you a trade proposal along with a 1,000 word essay on why it makes sense for you to do it.

Why it’s irritating: No one wants to be told how to run their team, let alone be lectured by a guy who thinks he invented statistics and is the only one who knows how to use them.

Why he does it: Has to convince himself that the terrible, lopsided trade he proposed was actually a good one.

I Called It (a year too late) Guy

What he does: Constantly talked about how he predicted such and such a player was going to have a big year, well after the fact. Basically, anyone who says this season that they knew Mike Trout was going to have a monster season last year or knew Adrian Peterson was going to have the second greatest season by a running back in history after tearing his knee to shreds less than a year before.

Why it’s irritating: Nothing worse than someone shouting ‘I told you so’ when they said nothing at the time and then pretend to be some sort of sports Kreskin 12 months later.

Why he does it: For bragging rights, likes to pretend he’s right all the time, thinks no one has noticed he’s full of it.

Guy Who Changes Team Name Every Day

What he does: Changes the name of his fantasy team on a regular basis as a means of humour, insults, way to be topical, etc.

Why it’s annoying: No one cares about your team name, only the place in the standings it holds. Plus it take a few seconds every day to realize who it is, most times you think you’ve logged into the wrong league.

Why he does it: Possibly to prove he’s up on things or simply because he has too much time on his hands. All that time spent on thinking up team names would be better served scanning the waiver wire.

Guy Who Takes It Too Far

What he does: After watching far too many episodes of the FX comedy The League, decides to constantly bash and try to humiliate other members of his league and may even try his hand at rapping. He will often involve other players’ family and pets, which really shouldn’t happen. You can make fun of the fact I started Adam Lind for a period of time, but not my dog.

Why it’s annoying: The show is fictional, you and your buddies are not ‘exactly like that’ and if you haven’t know everyone in your league for years; you end up coming off as an idiot.

Why he does it: Thinks he’s mixing it up and keeping things fun, but is just an embarrassment.

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MVP Race: The Tebow factor


Andrew McGilligan| Out of WriteField

The debate surrounding who should be the NFL’s MVP – Adrian Peterson or Payton Manning – can be decided by the two most overused words in the NFL lexicon: Tim Tebow.

He barely threw a pass this season and only ran with the ball a few more times, but Tebow is the reason Peterson should win the MVP. The Vikings were not good last year, in fact, they were awful finishing the season with a record of 3-13, good enough for last place in the NFC North.

Peterson started 12 of those games racking up 970 yards and 12 touchdowns. This season, AP produced a season in which he amassed the second-highest total rushing yards in league history (2,097) and did the bulk of it in December, helping the Vikings get into the playoffs with a record of 10-6.

With a 6-5 record heading into Dec., the Vikings – on the back of Peterson – posted a 4-1 record and recorded wins against two of the NFL’s elite in the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers as well as division rival Chicago.

In that five-game stretch, Peterson amassed 861 yards, 41 per cent of his season rushing total, and five touchdowns. When it matter most, Peterson was the most valuable player in the league.

Peyton Manning was fantastic this season, leading his brand new team – the Denver Broncos – to a second-consecutive AFC West title. This is where the problem lies for Manning’s MVP candidacy, the guy who led the Broncos to last season’s division title – Tim Tebow. The guy who Rex Ryan didn’t believe was better than Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy or even Joe McKnight, took essentially the same team as Manning to the playoffs.

Without Manning and with a guy not many people believe can play quarterback in the NFL, the team still makes the playoffs. Without Peterson’s historic season, the Vikings are hard-pressed to win a game. Even strength of schedule (based on final records) favours the Vikings. The winning percentage of teams faced by the Broncos was .450 (117-139) while the Vikings faced a schedule with a .510 winning percentage (132-122-2). The Broncos faced five teams with a winning-record while the Vikings faced nine. The Broncos won two games versus teams above .500, the Vikings won four.

Both players came back from what could have been career-ending injuries, so that’s a wash. Manning put up the second-best season of his career. Peterson put up the second best season ever by a running back. Peterson did this against stiff competition and in the division with the highest overall winning percentage. Manning did it against mostly sub-.500 teams and the weakest division in the NFL.

Without the season of Peterson, the Vikings would have stopped playing meaningful games in late Oct. Without Manning, the Broncos make the playoffs.

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