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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Nathan White says:

    Worst contact page ever. I hate you and you are wrong.

  2. G.H. Beatty says:

    To make the Bluejays a team deserving the support of all Canada:

    1. Unload Alex Anthopoulous– he has failed in all key areas. His glib b.s. doesn’t cut it.
    2. Appoint John Farrell as GM and Field Manager. Put scarce brains to work where it counts.
    3. Spend big bucks and acquire some good starting pitching and reliable pen. Stands will fill.
    4. Get Aaron Hill back at 2nd base. What an unbelievably foolish trade for Johnson !

    33 Million Canadians deserve a better ball club; pitching in particular. The steps cited above will take the Jays to A.L. East championship contention.

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